Terry Yates Radio Show

Poetry Book Launched on KRR FM From the Mud to the Stars

Book Launch for The Peacemaker’s Lamp held on community radio KRR FM on 17th May 2020

Owing to the Pandemic and consequent restrictions on gatherings we sought a new approach for the celebration and launch of the new book of poems, The Peacemaker’s Lamp by Terry Yates. Taking advantage of the weekly music program From the Mud to the Stars on KRR FM Kandos, we decided that it would be a radio-based book launch. And rather than it being all speeches and one person reading the poems the call was put out to friends and family across Australia and overseas to record poems from the book and email the sound files for inclusion in the show. The other element that turned the launch into a program with a high audience response was the work of various musicians who recorded brief instrumentals to be played between poems.

This was exciting radio: An event based on a book of poems, and recordings made, then emailed, collected, playlisted, put to air, responded to and now uploaded to this website. As a response to a changing social situation and using available resources this book launch had its own unique narrative of production. “Well met, well met, little Peacemaker’s Lamp, May you inspire all who dwell in your light.”

Here are some of the Poems:

You can purchase “The Peacemaker’s Lamp” here.


Listen to the whole show below – From Mud to the Stars – Hosted by Terry Yates