Mud, Star & Blue Hawk Poems


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Mud, Star & Blue Hawk Poems
Poems by Terry Yates

A simple reading is that the title points to itself as a container of Mud, Star & Blue Hawk poems. This is partially correct, more so for The Blue Hawk which is explored as a symbol in five poems.

The book is a collection of poems, visual images, reports, and mini essays that offers a home to a range of experiences with language, form, and voice. It is organised around three main themes: New Poems by Terry Yates, a retrospective of his first (1970s) poems, and Gleanings, a set of fragments and partial poems exploring aspects of sensitivity, with references to gardens, winter, and night. The poems are enhanced by photographs of art and design in a style resembling a scrapbook. By presenting this work for the first time to an audience Terry is bringing the experiences of his life of writing full circle.

ISBN 978-0-646-88844-6

NB: The audio below is not included with the Book, simply there for your listening pleasure.

Spoken Poems

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